Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

Bachelor Artificial Intelligence, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Welcome to the course "Introduction to Reinforcement Learning", which will run in the spring of 2024. The course consists of 14 weeks, in which you hand in 4 assignments, and make a final exam.

Teachers: Thomas Moerland, Daan Pelt, Aske Plaat, Serban Vadineanu, Koen Ponse. 

Schedule: An overview of the schedule is available under Schedule

Assignments: You need to make four assignments, in groups of two. See Assignments.

Grading: 50% exam, 50% assignments (12.5% for each assignment). See Grading.

Communication: We use Brightspace for all communication throughout the course: announcements, delivering slides, handing-out & handing in assignments, providing grades, content questions (forum), etc. See Contact